Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS)
  What is IGMS ?
  The Integrated Grievance Management System(IGMS) facilitates online registration of policyholders’ complaints and helps track their status.
  How do you use IGMS ?
  A policyholder can make optimum use of this system by giving accurate information about the complaint like the policy number, name of the insurer, complainant’s contact details etc. It would be useful to keep the policy document ready while registering the complaint online.
  The Complaint Registration Process involves the following TWO SIMPLE steps

Step 1 : Register yourself by entering your credentials
Step 2 : Use Registered credentials to register complaints / view their status
  What should you do in case you have a complaint against an insurer?
  You should first approach the insurer’s Grievance Redressal Mechanism as spelt out in the insurance policy document (link to the insurers’ grievance mechanism is available in this website at List of Insurers).
  What if there is no response from the insurer?
  In case the complaint is not fully attended to by the Insurer within 15 days of lodging it, you may use the IGMS for escalating the complaint to IRDAI.
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